Home Lifestyle ‘Selling Sunset’ star Chelsea Lazkani’s estranged husband says she was ‘physically aggressive’

‘Selling Sunset’ star Chelsea Lazkani’s estranged husband says she was ‘physically aggressive’


He alleged the reality star ‘struck’ him in the face ‘in an aggressive manner’.

Divorce drama for celeb couple, Jeff and Chelsea Lazkani. Picture: Bang Showbiz

CHELSEA Lazkani’s estranged husband has accused her of being “physically aggressive” and “exhibiting suspicious behaviour”.

The “Selling Sunset” star filed for divorce last month, and Jeff Lazkani has now filed his response to her petition, noting he also wants to end their marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

In a written declaration filed with the court this week and obtained by “People” magazine, the 40-year-old advertising boss accused Chelsea, whom he married seven years ago and with whom he has children Maddox, five, and three-year-old Melia, of “exhibiting suspicious behaviour” and he claimed many of his “personal belongings” have disappeared or were taken from their California home after the 31-year-old beauty filed for divorce, including a scarf “left to him” by a late family matriarch, his father’s hat and a spare key to his car.

He claimed Chelsea confessed to moving his Rolex watch after he was unable to find it and accused her of “sneaking around” the property.

He also alleged the reality star had “struck” him in the face “in an aggressive manner, breaking his glasses and causing a small cut on the side of his face”.

Jeff claimed he only found out about the divorce via a text message from TMZ, leaving him “stunned” and later discovered Chelsea had allegedly opened a new bank account around the time she filed.

After being told the news, he immediately texted Chelsea but she didn’t respond and, the same day, her brother began staying at their home without Jeff having been told.

Jeff accused Chelsea of having “installed a lock on the primary bedroom to his exclusion, remotely monitored his access to the property, and recorded him at the property”.

He has asked for “exclusive use and possession of” their five-bedroom Manhattan Beach home as he noted he is the primary owner of the property and doesn’t think they should both stay there for the well-being of their children, alleging Chelsea “provokes” him and “records him in an attempt to catch him overreacting to her”.

He has asked that Chelsea – who is not named on their mortgage – be given 48 hours to take what she needs from their marital home but not be allowed inside for more than two hours, with a “neutral party” present to help divide items that may cause disputes.

Jeff stressed he is “already paying and agrees to continue to pay the mortgage, utilities and any other encumbrances” on the house and Chelsea has other options, including staying with a local friend named Savannah or renting an Airbnb.

He hasn’t made any requests concerning child support and believes he and Chelsea should cover their own attorney’s fees.

He doesn’t want spousal support to be awarded on either side and though he needs to sort out his own assets and debts acquired before their marriage and after their separation, he ultimately wants them to be separated from Chelsea.

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