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SA’s grand thefts explored in ‘Die Roof-Dossiere’

’Die Roof-Dossiere’ . Picture: Supplied

’Die roof-dossiere’ is a gripping and insightful new show which explores the stories behind the biggest heists and robberies in South African history.

FINER details of some of South Africa’s most gripping grand thefts will be revealed in a new reality series on SABC2 starting January 7 at 7pm.

From ATM bombings to missing art paintings and the selling of concentrate gold dust to the value of R200 million, “Die Roof-Dossiere” will explore some of the country’s biggest heists, robberies and white-collar crimes.

Each week, each story will be told through the narrative of people with intimate knowledge of the cases.

The first few episodes of this actuality series look at a gang of 24 robbers who stole more than R100 million in foreign currency from a flight arriving at OR Tambo from London; several ATM machines at shopping malls and petrol stations being bombed by a gang of 12 men, some former mineworkers, using industrial explosives; cash-in-transit vehicles heists that became easy targets for a gang of highly trained former MK-soldiers under the leadership of Collen Chauke, flamboyant friend of ministers and prominent businessmen, how Maureen Clifford-Bosch duped thousands of wealthy and not so wealthy people to invest money in her ‘investment scheme’, which in reality was one of the biggest pyramid schemes the country had seen and how three men posing as art students and their teacher casually removed seven paintings from the Pretoria Art Museum, one of which is still missing and is the most expensive of the stolen loot.

“Die Roof-Dossiere” starts on 7 January at 7pm on SABC2.

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