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Ruby Rose sparks fears for mental health by announcing she’s vanishing from social media due to traumatic 37th birthday


The ‘Orange is the New Black’ actress, who has tried to take her life several times, turns 37 today.

Ruby Rose. Picture: Instagram

RUBY Rose has sparked fears for her mental health by announcing she is taking a break from social media due to her traumatic 37th birthday.

The “Orange is the New Black” actress, who has tried to take her life several times, turns 37 today and said in a now-deleted Instagram post she was logging out of her social media accounts until Tuesday.

Telling how she no longer celebrates her birthday, she said: “Logging off until the 21st. If you have followed me for long enough you know I don’t acknowledge tomorrow (March 20).

“I don’t celebrate that day… That day has never been a celebration. Some have tried but it was never a celebration at the time, and nor is it now.

“So please leave it for me this year.”

It is unclear why Rose no longer toasts her birthday, and she has thrown parties in the past to mark the occasion.

They included one in 2019 when she partied with her “Batwoman” co-star Rachel Skarsten and “You” actress Elizabeth Lail, who wore matching “Happy Birthday Ruby” T-shirts and danced around her kitchen.

Two years earlier Rose was serenaded on stage by her then-girlfriend Jessica Origliasso, 38, in a surprise birthday tribute.

Rose’s mental health issues have been so severe she has experienced suicidal thoughts and first tried to take her life aged 12.

She has since tried suicide multiple times and been diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder and clinical depression, which was initially misdiagnosed as bipolar disorder.

Rose has said she is planning to write a memoir on her feud with pop duo The Veronicas, which consists of Origliasso and her twin sister Lisa.

She said on Instagram about the project: “Book writing. The truth. It will p*** a lot of people off… but maybe you should have been better?… there’s a lot that I’ve stayed silent on because I was already at a place where I didn’t want to be adding flame to the fire.

“I think that everyone was going to keep doubling down on these things because I was silent.

“You know, it’s like if you ignore the bullies… I got taken advantage of because people knew my hands were sort of tied in that I don’t want to create more of a fuss of a situation.”

The feud between Rose and The Veronicas was laid bare after Origliasso broke off their on-again-off-again relationship in 2018.

Singer Lisa said her relationship with her sister was strained due to the pair’s relationship and the sisters admitted that from 2016 to 2018, the band almost fell apart due to their family rift.

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