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Mzansi street food just got more fascinating – street vendors are selling chicken comb


Chicken feet, wings, intestines, heads and now combs? What will they think of next?

Are you too chicken to eat a chicken comb? Picture: @LudidiVelani Twitter

I LOVE chicken, with all its parts, especially the parts that most people do not usually like because “they have no meat”. And those parts would be the feet and the head.

I particularly love eating the comb but I never imagined it would ever be sold on its own.

A chicken comb is the fleshy organ on the top of the head. As odd as it may seem, the comb is considered an organ, just like the heart, liver or kidneys.

It comes in various shapes and sizes. The red addition serves a few beneficial purposes. For example, it helps the chicken regulate its body temperature during cool or hot weather. A chicken comb can also help measure the health of the chicken.

As an adventurous eater, I can attest that it is surprisingly tasty. Little did I know, until now, that it is also versatile, and can be cooked and served in many ways.

Apparently, you can grill it and barbecue it just like any other part of the chicken, or spice up your family’s favourite stir-fry with a touch of the crest for extra zest.

The possibilities seem endless. This seems to have been news to many other South Africans too.

In a viral post on X by @LudidiVelani, people were shocked to know that chicken combs could be grilled on their own.

“Do people normally eat this?” asked one user.

“This is an economic indicator,” wrote a second user.

A third commented: “Never seen this in my life, visitors are bringing new menus to SA. I remember seeing grilled chicken feet for the first time at the CBD.”

A fourth said she could not wait to try them.

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