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WATCH: Angry Tesla owner blows up Model S with Elon Musk doll in front seat


This Tesla owner from Finland decided to resolve his altercation with the car company by using 30kg of dynamite. Don’t try this at home!

JAALA, Finland – We’ve heard of disgruntled luxury car owners attacking their regretful purchases with sledgehammers or even setting them on fire, but this Tesla owner had far bigger ambitions for his 2013 Model S sedan.

Tuomas Katainen from Finland claims that after an initial honeymoon period with the car, he started to see error codes on the dashboard and eventually had to have the car towed to his nearest dealer. A month later he was informed that the battery would need to be replaced at a cost of at least 20,000 euro (R350,000).

Not too chuffed with this situation Tuomas approached the popular YouTube channel Pommijätkät, which set up the explosive scene that you’ll see in the video below. It took place under controlled conditions in a quarry, and 30kg of dynamite was used. Oh, and at least one Elon Musk doll was harmed during the filming of this event.

The video has English subtitles and if you only want to see the explosion you can skip to the 5-minute mark. And yes it goes without saying that you shouldn’t try this at home, kids.

We also don’t know the full back story behind the car owner’s dealings with Tesla, needless to say that EV batteries are extremely expensive and can fail from time to time. Being a 2013 model it would surely be out of warranty by now.

But either way, getting a repair bill like this is extremely upsetting, and an explosive performance like this is sure to attract lots of attention and the video, posted on YouTube by Pommijätkät, has attracted more than a million views thus far.

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