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Kia reveals more details about Grand Sedona


Kia has made a lot of effort to set the new Sedona apart, with a completely fresh, and SUV-inspired, design that’s aimed at removing the “minivan” stigma.

SEOUL – Kia has released more details on its upcoming Carnival MPV (otherwise known as the Sedona), including information on the new engine line-up.

The newcomer is expected to reach South African shores during the course of 2021, wearing a Sedona badge of course, and Kia has made a lot of effort to set the new model apart, with a completely fresh (and SUV-inspired) design that’s aimed at removing the ‘minivan’ stigma. This is still a proper people-hauler though, offering seating for between seven and 11 occupants, depending on whether the buyer has chosen a three-row or four-row seating layout.

New 2.2-litre turbodiesel

Despite the engine downsizing trend, Kia is still planning to offer a V6 petrol engine option in some markets, this taking the form of a 3.5-litre direct injection unit that produces 216kW and 355Nm.

However, a far more likely candidate for the South African market is the new 2.2-litre ‘Smartstream’ turbodiesel unit, which produces 148kW and 440Nm. Although it has only gained 1kW over its predecessor, the new engine is lighter, thanks to a new aluminium block, while a range of measures have helped improve efficiency and cooling, while reducing friction.

These include new high-pressure injectors, new balancer shafts, a thermal management system and selective catalytic reduction to regulate emissions.

Dual-screen digital cockpit

Moving inside, the Kia’s cockpit technology has been completely renewed, and at the heart of the digital action is a new twin-screen display system that places a digital instrument cluster and central infotainment system (both measuring 31.2cm) under a single seamless piece of glass.

The infotainment system enables users to connect two smartphones via Bluetooth at the same time, enabling separate phones to be used for phone calls or media.

Kia has also made an effort to create a more sociable environment inside, with features such as the new ‘Rear Passenger View & Talk’ gizmo. This uses a small camera linked to the infotainment system to allow front occupants to check on and interact with those at the back, instead of turning around in their seat.

Level 2 semi-autonomous driving

The new MPV’s brag sheet also includes a glut of driver assistance gadgets that give it ‘Level 2’ semi-autonomous driving ability, although the fitment of these gadgets will depend on the market in question.

Available features include Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist with car, pedestrian and cyclist detection; Lane Keeping Assist, Intelligent Speed Limit Assist, Navigation-based Smart Cruise Control and Highway Driving Assist.

Another thoughtful safety touch is the Safe Exit Assist system that prevents the power-sliding rear doors from opening – and young passengers exiting the vehicle – if the system detects a car approaching from behind on either side.

Watch this space for more details on the South African line-up nearer to launch.

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