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In-car tour guide and baby sitter? Peugeot integrating ChatGPT into all of its cars


ChatGPT will be standard in all Peugeot models but the roll-out is initially limited to Europe.

ARTIFICIAL intelligence (AI) programmes like ChatGPT are infiltrating many aspects of our lives, and it likely won’t be long before it’s a regular fixture in our vehicles.

Peugeot has become the latest car brand to integrate AI into its vehicles and this won’t just be for the flagship models.

The Stellantis-owned French brand plans to make ChatGPT standard across its entire line-up, although initially this will be limited to 17 markets in Europe, covering 12 different languages.

But is ChatGPT on the Radar for South African Peugeot customers too?

A Stellantis representative told IOL that this would depend on the local roll-out of features like live connectivity and in-vehicle hotspots, something that is currently under consideration.

“As such the vehicles in SA will not feature usage of the ChatGPT features until we have rolled out the live connectivity services, something which is currently under testing and development,” Stellantis said.

No timeline for the local implementation of these technologies has been announced as yet.

Integrated into Peugeot i-Cockpit

Both new and existing customers (with eligible models) will be able to experience ChatGPT in their cars as it will be delivered as an over-the-air update, meaning no visit to the dealer is required.

The generative artificial intelligence system will be integrated into the vehicle’s i-Cockpit infotainment system and vehicle occupants will be able to ask it questions with the prompt “OK Peugeot”.

A tour guide and babysitter

The integrated AI software is capable of answering a wide variety of complex questions and can also follow a conversation.

For instance when arriving in a new city, it can tell you the history of various places and what monuments to visit, and if asked it will guide you to them using the car’s navigation system.

ChatGPT can also organise a quiz for bored children on a topic they are passionate about, among many other useful in-car applications.

Chat GPT integration in cars is a growing phenomenon.

Earlier this year, Volkswagen announced that it would be rolling out the AI service in a variety of its newest models, including the MEB-based electric line-up and models such as the new Golf and Tiguan.

Furthermore, Mercedes-Benz has been trialling ChatGPT integration through its Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service since June 2023.

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