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Mom makes jewellery using breast milk but it might not be to everyone’s taste


People are either encouraged or disgusted by the jewellery a mother is making using breast milk.

A piece of jewellery made from breast milk. Picture: Facebook

MOTHER’S milk is best but is precious breast milk best for jewellery?

A mother-of-four seems to thinks it is and people are either loving it or completely disgusted by it.

During lockdown last year, 30-year-old Alison Hawthorn – who was was nursing her twin boys at the time – decided to try her hand at making a “keepsake” using her own breast milk.

While breast milk jewellery isn’t something new, Hawthorn’s first successfully trinket, a keyring, inspired her to make more and offer her service to other moms.

According to Keepsake Mom, breast milk jewellery is a baby keepsake, a symbol of the intimacy of the breastfeeding bond between you and your child, and a celebration of the amazing feat that you’ve accomplished as a mother.

Hawthorn proudly shared her keyring trinket on social media and was surprisingly flooded with requests from people to make different pieces.

Breastmilk teddy. Picture: Facebook

“I had quite a few different people contacting me asking if I could do things like hair in pieces and different pieces of breast milk things, and I’d try and accommodate their needs” Alison told the Daily Mail.

Various designs. Picture: Facebook

However not all the feedback was good.

“When I first started, someone screenshotted one of my posts and put it on a roasting page on Facebook, and they were majorly slagging it off and there were some really vile comments” says the mom.

She has since expanded her business to make jewellery from ashes, pet fur and human hair.

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