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Miley Cyrus celebrates Hannah Montana’s sweet 16


Miley Cyrus celebrated the 16th anniversary of her record-breaking popular Disney TV series ’Hannah Montana’.

Miley Cyrus. Picture: Vijat M/Instagram

IT’S ACTUALLY unbelievable that it’s been 16 years since the popular TV series aired on Disney, where Miley Cyrus grew into a teen sensation playing Hannah Montana.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer posted a heartfelt message about the show and the great impact it had on her life.

She shared some pictures and memories attached to the series.

In the heartfelt post, the singer and actress, who is now 29, wrote, “Happy 16th Hannah-versary! 16 years ago my life changed forever when HM premiered.

“Because of your loyalty and support I’ve had the honor to travel the world for over a decade and perform for fans that bring so much greatness into my life.”

The post included a clip of Miley Cyrus, with her vibrant style and personality, singing one of Hannah Montana’s popular songs, “Hoedown Throwdown”, she almost couldn’t remember the lyrics to the song, but once she got to it the crowd seemed excited to sing along with the star.

She further added, “Grateful to each of you for all of your love & ATTENTION! You personally paved my path! Eternally thankful!”

Miley’s fans remain loyal to the Hannah Montana brand, which was a series based on the life of Miley Stewart (Cyrus), who lived a dual life as a famous singer.

To this day people remember the music and time period of Hannah Montana. Yes she’s all grown up now, and has had different experiences ever since, but the series not only impacted her life but also the lives of her fans.

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