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Meet the cast of ‘The Mommy Club: Sugar & Spice’


The local reality show centres on nine affluent mothers within Durban’s Indian community.

Resh Naidoo, Asharia Parsad, Devina Kowlas, Abigail Nepaul, Losh Naidoo, Lenore Goss-Matjie and Kim Jones. Picture: Supplied

FANS of the hit Showmax series “The Mommy Club” are in for a treat as the local streaming giant have added a spin-off series.

“The Mommy Club: Sugar & Spice”, which will premiere on the platform next month, centres on nine affluent mothers within Durban’s Indian community.

The reality show was produced by POP24, who also brought viewers “The Mommy Club”, “This Body Works For Me” and “Bae Beyond Borders”.

If the trailer, which released this week, is anything to go by, streamers are in for a wild ride.

The short clip provides snippets of the women’s opulent lifestyles, their extravagant gatherings and their accomplished partners and spoiled children

It also highlights the drama which unfolds as the ladies face health issues, infighting as well as lots of jealousy and gossiping.

“Everyone has their cup of tea, whether it be spicy or whether it be sweet,” one of the women said in the trailer.

Another added: “I don’t think it’s anyone’s responsibility to save anyone.”

Meet the mommies below:

Abigail Nepaul

The 41-year-old accomplished lawyer practises notarial and conveyancing law with her husband, while raising their daughters, Azuri and Careira, aged 8 and 6, respectively.

She is also a stepmother who has learnt how to manage a blended family.

Asharia Parsad

The 27-year-old optometrist is the apple of her father’s eye. As a daddy’s girl, she married her high school sweetheart, Trivesh, who treats his wife like a princess and drives her everywhere.

They have a 4-month-old baby boy, Veer, who is the family’s little prince and every gift he gets is extravagant.

Christina Devraj

The 26-year-old is married to newly qualified doctor Nate, who she met in varsity. The mommy now focuses on her business, being her husband’s support system and on raising their 15-month-old baby, Jordan.

Devina Kowlas

The 43-year-old former teacher is married to insurance magnate Lavine Kowlas. They are proud parents of two young children: 11-year-old Loniqa and Vihaan, 8.

Devina is proud of her heritage and now works in real estate.

Kim Jones

This 33-year-old expectant mother loves her coffee. She is an entrepreneur and a brand strategist who is married to Matt Jones, a former rugby player who is a DJ by night and business owner by day.

Lenore Goss-Matjie

The 45-year-old mother of three is married to Neville Matjie. She has two daughters: Meah, who is currently studying medicine, and Jiyaana, a 15-year-old debater. Lenore also has a son named Alessandro, who is highly regarded for his football skills.

She takes pride in being a professional dance coach and won the Miss India KZN pageant in 1998.

Losh Naidoo

The 46-year-old has triplet daughters Dashriya, Daneha and Dayika. She has faced significant challenges in life, which have made her quietly resilient and cautiously optimistic.

Losh is also a qualified occupational therapist and is married to Naven Naidoo, a renowned orthopaedic surgeon in Durban.

Neetasha Singh Bugwandin

The 36-year-old international supermodel from Phoenix recently got married and now travels the world while her construction mogul husband provides her with everything she desires.

She is a stepmother to two older children and is also an entrepreneur and activist.

Resh Naidoo

As Losh’s twin sister, Resh also married into the Naidoo family. The 46-year-old is married to Prevan Naidoo, the owner of Baking Pan, an outlet that caters to the Durban community.

Their daughter Miashca, a second-year student, received a Porsche as an 18th birthday gift, and Thishae, their 16-year-old son, is currently in high school.

As a parent, Resh values her Indian culture and Hindu religion, observing every festival.

Both Resh and Losh work as occupational therapists and create their own scrubs for their medical work.

∎“The Mommy Club: Sugar & Spice” premières on Showmax on August 8, with new episodes dropping every Thursday.

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