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Meet four South African TikTok’s Rising Voices grant recipients


20 South African TikTok creators have been selected as recipients of a cash grant of about R860,000 in total after participating in TikTok’s inaugural Rising Voices incubator programme.

TWENTY South African TikTok creators have been selected as recipients of a cash grant of about R860,000 in total after participating in TikTok’s inaugural Rising Voices incubator programme.

TikTok’s six-week Rising Voices incubator programme included mentorship, master classes and special training on content creation for the platform.

The selected recipients will also receive content advice and support while they conceptualise and curate 10 pieces of content for their platforms.

The video-sharing platform will provide further support by amplifying the recipients’ content to users on the platform, which in turn will help those creators grow their accounts.

TikTok Content Operations Manager, Africa, Boniswa Sidwaba said: “Through Rising Voices, our goal has always been to uplift and empower creators of colour on the platform, providing the necessary support to help them express themselves. With the right tools at their fingertips, we were truly spellbound by the incredible talent that came to light over the last six weeks,” Sidwaba said.

Sidwaba added that South Africa is home to extraordinary local talent, with the ability to stand out on a global stage such as TikTok.

“We trust that the skills learned, and discussions had, will empower this generation of content creators to create a bright future for themselves. On TikTok, the possibilities are really endless,” Sidwaba said.

Four of the TikTok grant recipients spoke about the incubator programme, and what they will using the cash grant for.

@thozimusic – Thozamile Mnguni

Thozamile Mnguni’s TikTok account is about everything and anything music.

Mnguni said: “The programme exceeded my expectations – I came into the Rising Voices programme, thinking I’d be taught about growth on social media. I also got to learn how to create content without burning out, and how to take care of my mental health while I grow my brand on the platform”.

According to Mnguni, 80 percent of the grant will go back into his craft.

“I want to invest in my content creation career and I will start with upgrading my equipment, so my videos can look a bit more polished and professional, so I can get my brand out there for future collaborations,” Mnguni said.

@kaylakimkay – Kayla-Kim Meiring

Kayla-Kim Meiring uses her TikTok platform to talk about her life experiences, fashion and hair.

Meiring said that the incubator programme had benefited her in raising her voice, and giving hope to many, and especially people of colour.

“I have learned a lot through the programme, which is already growing my personal brand,” Meiring said.

She will be using the grant money to buy good equipment to help grow her brand further, and reach greater heights.

@perimaskitchen – Solina Naidoo

Solina Naidoo’s TikTok account is about cooking and sharing her recipe videos, as well as comedy skits, make-up and dancing trends. She also creates TikTok tutorials to help other creators on the platform.

“Through the Rising Voices programme I learnt in detail about aspects pertaining to social media and content creation. The programme encouraged me to challenge myself with weekly tasks, with the inspiration and motivation from the awesome master classes we were given,” Naidoo said.

Naidoo will be using the grant money to spoil her kids, who she credits for supporting her through her TikTok journey. She will also be buying equipment and a laptop, as well as donate to charity.

@doctor.siya – Dr Siyamaak Saleh

Dr Siyamaak Saleh uses his TikTok platform to talk about medical topics such as HIV, Covid-19 and the Covid-19 vaccine, as well as raise awareness on different medical disciplines, and to bust medical myths.

Saleh said that the programme helped him become a more versatile content creator, and it really elevated his TikTok game.

He will be using the grant to invest in his content creation set-up and buy equipment.

Below is the full list of the cash grant recipients:

  1. @perimaskitchen
  2. @callherthato
  3. @thando.khumalo
  4. @brwnskn
  5. @thozimusic
  6. @king.grrrr
  7. @Witney8
  8. @khanyisa_jaceni
  9. @paballokgware
  10. @doctor.siya
  11. @lxndi.nkengana
  12. @hallebberry
  13. @mrsizwe_sir
  14. @hereal250goat
  15. @nchls_b
  16. @moghelingz
  17. @kaylakimkay
  18. @keraramz
  19. @Refiloe.pinkpanther
  20. @sphokuhle.n

The 20 Rising Voices grant recipients were selected by a panel of judges from the TikTok Creator and Content Team, based on their engagement levels, dedication to the programme and overall project immersion.


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