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Mark Pilgrim is smiling through the pain in his battle with lung cancer


In sharing his cancer journey with followers, veteran radio host Mark Pilgrim opened up about the pain behind his smile.

Mark Pilgrim. Picture: Instagram

IN A RECENT social media post, veteran radio host Mark Pilgrim opened up about the moments of pain behind the smiles in his pictures.

Pilgrim was admitted into hospital in October 2022 after undergoing a procedure for a collapsed lung he suffered earlier in September.

A picture of the frail looking dad of two, sitting in the yard of his Johannesburg home, was captioned: “Just to keep it real. I smile a lot in pics, but there’s also moments after heavy coughing or vomiting that I’m exhausted and need a moment to catch my breath.

“It’s about acknowledging those moments… and then standing up again.#dontstopbelieving”

After spending 64 days in hospital, seven procedures and losing almost 15kg, he was discharged on December 29.

He proposed to his long time partner Adrienne Watkins on December 31 from his wheelchair.

Loyal followers continue to send well wishes.

baileygeorgiades_ wrote: “I worked with you for years Baldy, and in your vulnerability, I know how strong you are… Sending so much love ❤️❤️❤️.”

lisaraleigh wrote: “Thanks for being real Mark. You are in our thoughts all the time ❤️🙏.”

macphersondianne wrote: “Hi Mark, I’m on a similar journey-active stage 4 breast. I look for your Instagram post everyday because of your unbelievable mental strength ,motivation and positivity.

“I know that not everyday will you beable to be positive and strong, you are absolutely allowed that-you are human! But please dig deep and hang in there🙏 I get so much strength from you!! congrats on your engagement 💍 RESPECT!!!!”

silver_fox_fitness wrote: “Mark , I think sharing the vulnerable moments and the downs which I am sure are plenty are even more important. Reality is people don’t share these moments and present a facade. Just keep fighting.”

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