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Man’s odd tattoo of his mother’s ’advice’ goes viral


Man asks his mother for his next tattoo idea and then inks her blunt response on his arm.

Picture: Reddit

GETTING a tattoo is a life-long commitment.

Some people play it safe with dainty butterflies or diving dolphins, while others cover their whole bodies in intricate designs from dragons to koi fish.

Many choose to get sentimental tattoos.

An unidentified man in the US couldn’t make up his mind about what he wanted to have tattooed, so he asked his mom for advice.

Because as we all know, mama knows best.

According to the screenshot he posted on Reddit’s S****y Tattoo forum, the man messaged his mom saying: “Gonna get a tattoo today what should I get.”

Her response to him was, “if you don’t have a need for one don’t get it. Tattoos are for something important.”

Son asks his mom for an idea for his next tattoo. Picture: Reddit

Most people would interpret that response as an indication that she was against him getting any tattoo at all.

Well, the son clearly didn’t see it that way and instead saw the blunt response as a great idea FOR a tattoo.

He tattooed the words in a typewriter style font on his inner arm and promptly posted the final result, including a screen shot of the conversation between him and his mom, onto the Reddit forum.

The post instantly started receiving both negative and positive responses.

With some saying that it was “amazing“ while others thought it was ”terrible”.

Those who were impressed with the tattoo didn’t think that it actually belonged in the “s****y” tattoos forum.

“This is hilarious. I love it,” one person wrote, while another added: “It’s kinda heartfelt. I don’t feel like this belongs here.”

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