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Makhadzi cries foul ahead of DSAC releasing the Covid-19 beneficiary list


The department clamped down on Makhadzi after she told podcaster MacG that she receives no help from government.

Multi-award winning music artist, Makhadzi. Picture: Instagram

DURING an interview with “Podcast and Chill” at the BET Awards in Los Angeles last week, celebrated Mzansi musician, Makhadzi shared that she has never received help from the South African government.

She also stated that she had to borrow money from a loan shark to attend the prestigious awards.

The interview has since gone viral and it caught the attention of the new Department of Sport, Arts and Culture (DSAC) Minister, Gayton McKenzie.

McKenzie refuted Makhadzi’s claims, saying that the “No.1” hitmaker bagged R230k in performance fees from the department in the past 14 months.

McKenzie wrote on X that he has instructed the department to publish a list of all artists, creatives and sports people who have been receiving money from the department, together with the amounts.

Makhadzi has since hit back, saying that the R230k received from the department was for services she had rendered and that it was not part of funding.

In a public statement, Makhadzi’s PR team provided clarity and corrected the “misleading information” provided by the department.

They said Makhadzi had never received or applied for any funding from the department in the past 14 months.

“We can confirm that the department contacted Makhadzi to perform for the June 16 event and Presidential Inauguration which she did (rendered a service) and the department paid her, that is not funding but a payment for service rendered.”

The DSAC is creating confusion and making it seem like Makhadzi is one of the recipients, the PR team said.

Makhadzi’s team called it a smear campaign.

The statement urged the DSAC minister to release the list of beneficiaries, which would prove Makhadzi being in the right.

The statement thanked everyone who has supported the artist’s colourful career.

“It has been a long and bumpy road and the ultimate goal is being realised and no misleading information or smear campaign such as the one from the National Department of Sports, Arts and Culture aiming at destroying and dampening the spirit of team Makhadzi will find expression.

“She remains committed to entertaining her fans and representing the country globally… ” the statement said.

The statement was posted by Makhadzi on social media. Picture: X

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