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WATCH: Customer reprimands Debonairs staff for not wearing masks

Wearing a mask in public has now become a mandatory requirement in SA. Picture: Raw Pixel

As South Africa entered advanced level 3 of the lockdown, many restaurants and fast food joints reopened their doors. Many advised that they are following proper protocol to ensure that precautions are adhered to when preparing food on site.

From wearing protective gear to maintaining food safety standards, it’s become the norm. Or has it? A video has made it onto Twitter showing a disgruntled customer telling off staff at a Debonairs branch in Tsakane Mall, Brakpan.

The video, posted by Twitter user @MakhesaMavunda, shows a customer reprimanding staff for not wearing their protective masks.”They are having discussions without masks. Betina, we are expected to wear masks,” the customer can be heard saying.

“This is wrong guys, then what is the point of us wearing masks,” she asks in frustration. Even after threatening to upload the video to socials, staff seemed unbothered by her warning and continue with whatever it is they’re doing.

The response from other Twitter users was to boycott the pizza restaurant, while others said that’s why they don’t trust ordering food from takeaways during lockdown.

Debonairs did respond to the post, saying that their members and staff are required to masks at all times. The restaurant also immediately closed the branch in question and gave staff a warning.

“Debonairs Pizza team members are required to wear masks at all times and to strictly adhere to all the DOH’s regulations. The store was immediately closed on 10 June when this took place. 

“Staff received a warning and it only opened once re-training and all PPE was confirmed,” it said via its social media channels.

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