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SA’s bachelor is a bachelor again


It looks like Marc Buckner and Marisia van Wyk's love story has come to an end.

Marisia and Marc. Picture: Instagram

It looks like Marc Buckner and Marisia van Wyk’s love story has come to an end. 

According to Marisia’s Instagram post the two have gone their separate ways. 

Marc and Marisia met on the popular reality dating show, “The Bachelor SA” where their feelings for each other from the start were undeniable. 

It came as no surprise when Marc offered Marisia a promise ring at the end of the season, choosing her to be his companion, while travel agent, Bridget Marshall walked away loveless. 

Marc and Marisia wanted to be together so much that Marisia moved from Johannesburg to Cape Town to live with Marc in his luxury apartment before the start of the national lockdown. 

During the final episode, viewers got to witness the two in their home environment where Marc even cooked for Marisia. 

However, it seems their love was also a casualty of the Covid-19 lockdown, which has seen many couples break up and head to the divorce courts, around the world. 

In Marisia’s Instagram post, she wrote: “And the day I put my hand in yours, I’ll stow away my road maps in the knowledge that my search for you has ended. You are somewhere. #KnowYourWorth #NotSettling #NotGivingUpLoveJustYet #ReadyForCommitment #Ready #Respect #Love #Resilience” 

According to You Magazine Buckner was unaware of their break up. 

“I didn’t see the Instagram post. She’s blocked me. I can’t talk about this now. I have a lot to process,” he said.

Marisia’s fans offered her support and some words of wisdom. 

Here’s what some had to say: 

Atish_rajpaul_h said: “Hi @ries_la_lune I’m so sorry to hear about this. I watched every single episode of the bachelor and you were one of the best woman there. I know what you going through is not easy, but always remember who you are and where you come from. 

“Don’t settle for anything. You deserve the best. Sometimes life puts us in places we never thought we would be in, but this only makes us stronger. The best is yet to come….. 🌹🌹🌹❤️”

Weddings_with_love_1 said: “So sad to hear this news!! Just remember with every hurdle & new chapter we receive renewed strength & wisdom to carry us to the next phase. As heart sore as it must be for you both, every situation brings a positive outcome. 

“You have showed & inspired women all over the country how to give of yourself selflessly & spread love to humans & animals. Please don’t let the negative chirpers dampen your your amazing glow & zest for life. Keep true to yourself & keep that light shining bright.💕😘😘”.

Geri_b_ said: “I am so sorry you were used in a public game of manipulation. I know your intentions were true but it is clear to everyone that Marc only went on the bachelor to further his career opportunities. 

“I do blame the creators of the @thebachelor_sa @mnettv though as they are only choosing actors, models and influencers as the bachelors and bachelorettes to gain viewers. They aren’t bringing in real bachelor’s and bachelorette’s that are looking for a life partner to marry. 

“Poor peoples feelings are at stake on this show as true intent is not there for finding a person that is really looking to settle down. Sad, but everything happens for a reason and you will survive, lots of love❤”.