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Nestle Chocolate Log has been discontinued

Aubergine Speciality Foods, the South African supplier, made the startling announcement on Facebook. Picture: Aubergine Specialty Foods/Facebook

Fellow South Africans, we bring you sad news. Nestle has announced that a much-loved sweet snack will no longer be available on South African store shelves.

The world’s largest food company has said that it has discontinued the production of Chocolate Log from August this year. It’s a massive blow for lovers of the sweet, marshmallow treat who have loved the taste of its gooey centre for the past 50 years.

Aubergine Speciality Foods, the South African supplier, made the startling announcement on Facebook, saying: “It’s a tragic day, Nestle chocolate logs will cease production in South Africa! Such an iconic item. Production will be stopped in August of this year.”

Nestle further confirmed the news with an official statement. “As Nestle, our purpose is to delight our consumers through tastier and healthier products. We know that one of the main drivers of the chocolate category is innovation and that consumers love new products. Taking this into consideration, we do discontinue certain products and introduce new ones to the market,” said Zweli Mnisi, head of public relations, media engagement and content digital – Nestle East and Southern Africa Region.

“The Nestle Chocolate Log has been a loved brand for over 50 years and we thank our loyal consumers for their support over these years. We equally understand that its discontinuation may somehow disappoint some of our loyal consumers. Excitedly though, we are bringing a variety of delicious chocolates in the coming months and we urge our consumers to be on the lookout,” Mnisi further added.

It’s a further blow for chocolate lovers. In 2017, Cadbury’s Tempo Bar was replaced with its less-favourable cousin Cadbury 5 Star. At the launch of the Cadbury’s 5 Star bar, a spokesperson for Mondelez said that the new bar was designed and launched “while keeping in mind the ever-changing consumer palate”. Still, it wasn’t a worthy replacement.

Just a few months prior, Lay’s South Africa announced that it had discontinued its Salt & Vinegar flavour crisps. Customers had also complained that Ghost Pops were disappearing off store shelves, that is until Simba set the record straight.

When news of Chocolate Log being discontinued broke, social media found it difficult to come to terms with the loss. Aubergine Speciality Foods even suggested petitioning Nestle to continue with production.

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