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Lady Du marks birthday by releasing ‘Underrated’ EP


Amapiano star Lady Du, also known as Duduzile Ngwenya, dropped the first single off her latest EP, ‘Ngwenya,’ on May 10.

Lady Du dropped her EP called ‘Underrated’ on her birthday. Picture: INSTAGRAM

AMAPIANO star Lady Du dropped her full EP, ‘Underrated’, on her birthday, May 17, and her excitement was through the roof.

Her single, “Ngwenya“, features Nkosazana Daughter, Aymos, Professor, and more, setting the bar high for what was to come.

On Instagram, she shared that the EP represented her journey, resilience and heritage. It was a tribute to her grandfather and the hurdles she had jumped over.

But the real celebration started on her birthday. Not only was she celebrating her birthday but she dropped her full EP.

She wrote: “ITS MY BIRTHDAY‼️‼️‼️‼️ Today is the first time that I release music with no drama in my life, I’m not signed to no label, I’m fully backed by God and you guys!!!!

“I would love to ask you to stream my EP for my birthday and when you pass all my billboards around Johannesburg remember to stream even more!!!!”

Lady Du went all out for this EP.

“This year I said I’ll go all out for my EP. I have over 15 billboards around Johannesburg and Boksburg with my EP on them self funded sponsored by @wawalabeauty1. I’ve never been funded by anybody to do anything in my career.

“I thank you guys for the love and support! At my age I’ve already done sooo much for myself 😭😭😭 God bless you for everything,” she wrote.

Fans shared in her excitement.

X user @MbuyiseniNdlozi wrote: “Today we celebrate Lady Du @Ladydu_sa and we celebrate her with a work of art! Happy Birthday fighter 🥳”

@ChrisExcel102 also took to X : “Best female piano vocalist in South Africa #Underrated

1. Lady Du

2. Nkosazana Daughter

3. Boohle

4. Babalwa M

5. A-Reece “

Not sure how A-Reece feels about that one.

@Nkosi_Shebi commented: “Of course we can expect only the best from Lady Du. #Underrated”

@TheGyal_also wrote: “Lady Du is the Queen of Amapiano 👏❤️❤️🎈 #underrated.”

“Lady Du has outdone herself with this new Amapiano album! Let’s celebrate her birthday by blasting #Underrated everywhere! 🎉🎶,” @keketso_P wrote.

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