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Kendrick Lamar fuels rap feud with ‘Not Like Us’ music video


The video features sharp visuals and subtle digs, feeding the ongoing feud with Drake.

Kendrick Lamar. Picture: Instagram

YOU thought the beef and rap battle was put to bed, but nah!

It’s all eyes on Kendrick Lamar once again and, this time, it’s not just about his hard-hitting lyrics and diss tracks.

Lamar took petty to a whole new level and released a music video for his track “Not Like Us.”

Following the success of his No.1 hit diss track, Lamar keeps the momentum going with a July 4 visual, marking another victory lap in his ongoing beef with Drake.

The video, co-directed by Lamar and Dave Free, kicks off with a short freestyle. As the scene transitions, we see the Compton rapper celebrating in his hometown.

He’s dancing alongside producer DJ Mustard and a sea of fans at iconic locations like City Hall and Tam’s Burgers. Even Lamar’s fiancé, Whitney Alford, and their two kids make appearances, grooving to the music.

In a bold nod to Drake’s OVO label, the video features prominent owl imagery. Lamar’s playful side shines as he smashes a piñata, accompanied by a cheeky disclaimer: “no OVHoes were harmed during the making of this video.”

The final shot leaves a lasting impression, with an owl caged, which is a clear symbol of Lamar’s dominance.

Lamar shot the video in late June, shortly after the Juneteenth “Pop Out” concert, where he performed “Not Like Us” six times.

According to “Los Angeles Times”, the event drew a star-studded crowd, including Steve Lacy, YG, Thundercat, Roddy Ricch and NBA star DeMar DeRozan, who is name-dropped in the song.

@jennyrous wrote on X: “@kendricklamar calling drake a coloniser on the 4th of July is musically diabolical and i am here for it 💁🏼‍♀️ #KendrickLamar.”

@HeyPolycarp wrote: “Kendrick Lamar really milking tf outta this one song. Damn! #notlikeus.”

@Tha_XYZ wrote: “Kendrick Lamar’s music over the years has touched on several topical issues and those pieces have put him on a pedestal that most rappers can only dream of.

“Drake decided to become a topic. Dot delivered once again, like Damn, sit down, be humble, we gon be alright.👍“

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