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Jack Harlow’s ‘Lovin On Me’ set to become festive season anthem


‘Lovin On Me’, the latest musical offering from the US rapper and singer, is confident, catchy, playful and fun.

Jack Harlow’s “Lovin On Me” has gone viral on TikTok. Picture: Instagram

JACK Harlow’s latest, and now viral, hit has all the ingredients to become the perfect festive season anthem.

“Lovin On Me”, the latest musical offering from the US rapper and singer, is confident, catchy, playful and fun.

The tune features elements of nostalgia as it’s built on a sample of R&B singer Delbert “Dale” Greer’s 1995 track “Whatever.” Harlow also debuts his new mullet, a hairstyle which was popular in the ’80s, in the song’s music video.

And with its throwback vibes, appealing lyrics, club-friendly beat, as well as puppy cameo in the music video, “Lovin On Me” is sure to be blasting from locations across the globe these holidays.

It’s also the charismatic ease in which the world-renowned musician delivers the track, which was officially launched on Friday, that is set to cement its appeal to music lovers from all walks of life.

“Lovin On Me” features production from OZ, Nik D and Sean Momberger and arrives with an accompanying music video helmed by Aidan Cullen.

The track is a fun offering from the rapper and hears him loosen up as he glides over the beat, sharing a more refreshed tone for his next chapter.

But what is expected to make “Lovin on Me”, which marks Harlow’s first new solo cut since the release of his April 2023 record “Jackman”, even more viral is the impact it is currently having on social media.

This is particularly the case on TikTok, with this trend set to intensify during the end-of-year festivities.

The 25-year-old early last week released snippets of the song on TikTok a few days prior to its launch, in a bid to tease his fans ahead of the track’s eventual release. And although it was just a few seconds long, it inspired scores of the social media platform’s users to incorporate the track into their own videos.

In just a few days, the few released seconds of “Lovin On Me” racked up millions of likes, views and bookmarks, with Harlow singing along to them with the same puppy that is featured in the song’s music video.

This move galvanised the TikTok masses, as they posted videos singing along to “Lovin On Me,” with users using the trending tune to rack up their own likes and views on the social media platform.

TikTok’s @Quinnickle was among them and his lip syncing to the track while completing a Rubik’s Cube earned him a whopping 6.3 million views and counting on the social media platform.

Meanwhile, @bradley.thor chopping wood in a forest while singing along to “Lovin On Me” was enough of a “thirst trap” to earn himself millions of TikTok views too.

These are just some examples of the scores of users, particularly men, who have jumped on this track which has consequently exploded in popularity. They are singing along to it while doing the most mundane tasks – while having lunch, sitting at their desks or while out with friends.

And as is the case with most viral TikTok hits, “Lovin On Me,” also has its own dance, something that is being replicated and posted on the social media platform in large numbers.

South African content creators Nadia Jaftha, Xavier Haupt and Razaan Meyer have also recently jumped on the “Lovin on Me” trend.

Meanwhile, Harlow playfully teasing the release of his latest hit on TikTok had social media users demanding for more.

@chanel.kas asked the musician to include “the Rubik’s Cube guy” in the song’s music video, @therealslimshady wanted more than just two minutes of the viral song and @melissaanonza commented: “Thisss is how you advertise a song. Post it and have it out in a week.”

Jack Harlow arrives to attend the 2022 Billboard Music Awards at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, on May 15, 2022. Picture: Steve Marcus Reuters

While Harlow ends the year with the viral release of “Lovin On Me”, it’s been a successful 2023 for rapper and singer. The April release of “Jackman”, his third studio musical offering, went on to become number one on Billboard’s Top Rap Albums.

Last month, the 25-year-old rapper was also named songwriter of the year at the 2023 SESAC Music Awards, marking the third year in a row that Harlow has been awarded the honour.

Meanwhile, his track “First Class,” which also went viral on TikTok, was his first unaccompanied number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 and went on to take song of the year.

And with the release of “Lovin On Me”, Harlow himself acknowledged that the song is the beginning of a “new era” for his career. Shortly before its midnight release on Friday, he wrote on X: “Thank u for allowing me to reset this year. I moved back to Kentucky and gave u an album I could not have made on the road.

“Surrounded by family & childhood friends this has been one of the happiest years of my life. But now… a new era begins.”

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