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How to help your child study better during the exam season


Exams season is not just stressful for learners but for parents as well.

Support your child fully during the exam season. Picture: Pexels/@ Pixabay.

IT’S EXAM time. Almost every student in South Africa is busy with midterm exams. This season is not only stressful for learners but for the parents as well, because everyone wants to see their children succeed.

“Given our current circumstances in South Africa, households are already under immense pressure, which means parents and guardians have even less bandwidth than before when assisting their children.

“A casual glance at parenting groups on social media platforms attests to the various challenges parents face regarding providing the proper support and motivation without risking increased tensions,” says Dr Linda Meyer, MD of The Independent Institute of Education’s Rosebank College.

Also, studying during load shedding can be stressful, but there are ways you can offer support those who are busy with their exams.


Time Management

Ask for your child’s timetable so you can help them with a study plan. Keep load shedding in mind when drafting a study timetable.

Use previous question papers

In most cases, exams are usually the same questions asked in different ways because, after all, the study material is the same. Help students revise with previous question papers to familiarise themselves with questions that may be asked.

Be available for assistance

Offer support when your child needs help understanding a concept, reviewing material, or organising their study plan. However, encourage independent problem-solving and critical thinking skills.

Limit excessive screen time

Taking a break is good, but during the exam season, they should spend less time on their phones to avoid unnecessary distractions. Make sure you monitor their screen time.



Creating a safe and peaceful environment is important when helping a student out. Also, make sure that they study in a neat and clean place to avoid distractions.

Encourage a balanced routine

Help your child establish a balanced routine that includes sufficient time for studying breaks, physical activity, and rest. A well-planned schedule can reduce stress and improve productivity.

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