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Honeymoon from hell …


No alone time for newlyweds after in laws gatecrash honeymoon.

The best part of the wedding is the honeymoon. Finally, the newlyweds can take some time out to spend with each other after months of wedding preparations. But this bride didn’t get the opportunity to settle into wedded bliss.

Posting an emotional thread on Reddit, the unnamed woman shared her frustration under the “Am I The A*******” forum. She explained how the groom’s parents bought them an all-inclusive one-week holiday as a wedding present. It’s a lovely gift considering… But then she revealed the plot twist.

“On arriving, we found out they’d also booked a room at this hotel for themselves for the whole week and want to do group things together.”

“It’s not like they’re in the room next door or anything and we can still do stuff in our room alone but they knock on our door regularly, waking us up at 6am, making us get all 3 meals a day with them,” she continued.

But things got even more interesting as the bride says she and her husband went as far as faking a tummy bug. But her in-laws were not having it and ordered room service to their room, forcing them all to eat through the awkwardness of it all.

Three days into the break, she said: “My husband snapped earlier and said this whole thing was way over the line and they had no right intruding on our honeymoon of all things and they told us they paid for the whole thing.”

Fortunately, things ended well for the two. After checking out of the hotel, they managed to book in at another to spend three glorious days enjoying the rest of their honeymoon… alone.

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