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Film producer Anant Singh pays tribute to Barry Ronge


Acclaimed film producer Anant Singh said that it is with great sadness that he learnt of the death of film critic Barry Ronge.

Journalist Barry Ronge died on Saturday. Picture: Liza van Deventer

JOURNALIST, movie and food critic Barry Ronge passed away on Saturday at the age of 74.

Acclaimed film producer Anant Singh said he learnt with great sadness of the passing of Ronge.

Singh said he first met Ronge in the 1980s when he reviewed films that Singh had distributed in South Africa.

“When I ventured into film production, Barry understood the struggles I endured in those early days and supported my endeavours. Whilst not all of his reviews over the years were favourable, he was always honest in his critique. For me, I appreciated the fact that even if he didn’t like a film, he would write his reviews in a manner that was inoffensive.”

Singh added that Ronge attended the South African premiere of Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom which took place shortly before he retired in 2014.

“I was touched when he called to congratulate me on how the film turned out. He was particularly complimentary about the authenticity of the film, including the sets we built on the backlot of Cape Town Film Studios.”

Singh described Ronge as a passionate lover of films in any language from all over the world and as someone who believed in the power of film.

“There are many talented film critics in South Africa, but Barry was in a class of his own. He is no doubt a legend and he set the bar for film critics in the country.”

Singh sent his heartfelt condolences to Ronge’s family, friends and life partner, Albertus van Dyk. He wished them strength as they come to terms with their loss. “May his soul rest in peace.”

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