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Fashioned around a worthy cause


As host of new online site, Roxy Burger is helping open doors to people’s sense of community during the lockdown

SYNONYMOUS with E! Entertainment’s reality series How Do I Look SA?, Roxy Burger isn’t keeping idle during the lockdown.

In fact, she is hosting the #LIVEFULLBLOOM Virtual Series on Zoom, where influential names like Kefi Mabote, Aspasia Karras, Jackie Burger, Jackie May and Pnina Fenster share their styling expertise.

The aim of the workshop is twofold: by helping women declutter, they are able to donate their clothes to the Vintage with Love cause, which supports female literacy and education. 

On hosting the webinar, Burger says, “I was approached by BLOOM Gin and when I heard all about the concept as well as Vintage with Love’s involvement it was an immediate, yes! What a great way to bring us all together, virtually, and to learn something along the way.”

Since the lockdown, the web has become a great way to connect. 

On joining the platform, for work, Burger says, “I will be the ‘glue’ keeping it all together and simply ensuring that the show runs smoothly … My experience in the world of fashion can also be a great tool in ensuring that viewers are kept entertained and informed.”

When asked if she implemented any of the tips on the show, she reveals, “most definitely – the fundamentals we teach on the show are things I practise all the time.

“My number 1 go-to rule is dress for your body shape.”

As for the expert panel at her disposal, she says, “every speaker has such value to bring to the event – from Vintage with Love founder Jacquie Myburgh to Bloom Master Distiller Joanne Moore, these women are all experts in their field. 

“Leandie, Carol and Nontando are sharing specific fashion-focused talks which I’m incredibly excited about!” 

When asked if she has discovered anything new about herself while at home, especially being a mum to a toddler, she says, “I’m incredibly lucky to be isolated with my own mom who is a huge help with my daughter. I wouldn’t be able to get any work done if it weren’t for her.”

Burger tries to make an effort to look her best when she’s at home. On her dress code at home, she laughs, “it depends on my mood”. 

“Just yesterday I put on a face of make-up to perk up my spirits a little. A quick tip is to dash some brightly coloured lippy on – a fab red always goes a long way.”

Why should South Africans join the discussion and the initiative? “During what can be seen as a ‘dark’ and difficult time this is an opportunity to virtually get together and feel a sense of community. 

“If you love fashion and if you’re looking to learn something, this is for you,” Burger says.

The first #LIVEFULLBLOOM Virtual Series was on Tuesday at 5pm on Zoom. Register online https://bloomgin.co.za/declutteryourwardrobe/.

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