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Fashion designers have made PPE fashionable


Designers around the world have made personal protective equipment fashionable and trendy

A women is wearing a big smiley face mask
File picture: Henk Kruger/African News Agency (ANA)

WHILE grappling with a global pandemic, people seem to still find ways to adapt to what may be now known as the new normal.

People are faced with both the reality and responsibility of wearing protective gear daily, in a bid to curtail the spread of the Covid-19.

China has recently launched a one-of-a-kind fashion show to showcase its fashion forward protective gear – the PPE kits (personal protective equipment).

Chinese manufacturers showcased their PPE kits in Liaoning province at a protective clothing fashion expo, according to a report published by AFP.

The designs were not just limited to coronavirus suits, but also firefighters and power maintenance outfits.

The country’s manufacturers also launched a new line of protective gear at the recently held China-Dandong Fashion Week.

With the talks of the Covid-19 vaccination set to reach most countries in 2021, the manufactures were still expecting to make protective gear fashionable by continuing to supply for other things such as firefighting, decorating and cleaning.

Meanwhile, fashion designers from around the world have also come up with their own trendy designer face masks during this time.

Laduma Ngxokolo – South Africa

Llulo – Nigeria

Akese Stlelines – Ghana/ Chicago-based

Collina Strada – New York

Concerns have been raised as to whether these fashion statement masks were safe or not.

According to Cleveland Clinic, a non-profit academic medical centre, a face mask needs to have a few features in order to be effective:

– It should be made with multiple layers of fabric.

– It should rest under your chin and on the bridge of your nose.

– You should be able to breathe easily with it on.

– It should rest under your chin and on the bridge of your nose.

As long as your face mask complies with these recommendations, then it should do the job.

– African News Agecny (ANA)