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Fans left confused by Drake’s new face tattoo


The rapper’s new ink has been causing quite a commotion.

Rapper Drake. Picture: INSTAGRAM

INTERNATIONALLY renowned superstar Drake appears to have gotten some fresh new ink.

In images which have recently emerged, “miskeen” seems to have been tattooed on the rapper’s face. And it might be tiny, but Drake’s new ink has been causing quite a commotion.

His fans have been wondering about the meaning behind the tattoo, with many left confused. This is as “miskeen” translates to poor or pathetic in Arabic and Amharic.

But In the musician’s hometown of Toronto, “miskeen” takes a 180-degree turn. According to “NOW Toronto”, it’s a term used to describe someone as “sweet and innocent“.

This can be perceived in a variety of ways, depending on cultural background, familiarity with Toronto slang, and awareness of the local nuances associated with the term.

For those well-versed in Arabic or Amharic, the literal translation of poor or pathetic might be the first interpretation that comes to mind. This could lead to a perception of the tattoo as an intriguing choice.

On the flip side, individuals familiar with the Toronto slang might perceive the tattoo differently.

In the rapper’s hometown, the term takes on a positive connotation and for this audience, the tattoo could be seen as a playful nod to the rapper’s roots and a celebration of the local linguistic flair.

Fans have taken to Instagram to weigh in on Drake’s tattoo.

@waraqcapo wrote: “everything Drake makes is overrated.. next story”

@DeenLucille added: “In Drake’s case the word means ”pathetic“. We are not SIX….we are Toronto and damn proud of it. We don’t do ebonics here we can spell our city’s name. No need to reduce to to 3 letters.”

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