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Fancy an RS5 Ute? 8 interesting bakkie renderings to get you revved up


The Spirit of the El Camino comes alive in these eight bakkie renderings based on performance cars.

BAKKIES are big business in South Africa, as they are in other parts of the world where they go by names like pick-up and Ute.

With almost all of today’s bakkies being of the rugged variety, built around ladder-frame chassis, it seems the world has forgotten about the car-based Utes that have been getting enthusiasts all revved up ever since the Chevrolet El Camino hit the scene in the 1960s. While that American example didn’t last beyond the ‘80s, Australia kept the flame alive until recent times with its ‘Ute’ versions of the Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore, both of which were sold in South Africa at various times, the latter with a Chevrolet badge.

The performance versions of these Aussie Utes were basically sports cars with load bins, and it’s a segment that the country is no doubt longing for, which is why Australian insurance companyBudget Direct got all imaginative and created the eight renderings that you’ll see below.

It all started with a question – what if there was a Ute version of the Audi RS5? Or the Chevrolet Camaro? Even the Ferrari Portofino was included in this imagination session, as well as hot hatches like the Honda Civic Type R and Renault Megane RS.

Without further ado, let’s take a stroll through Budget Direct’s imaginary Ute garage:

Audi RS5: 331kW, 4.1-seconds to 100 and the ability to haul a full load of cargo.

Honda Civic Type R: Fancy a hot hatch without the hatch? With 228kW, you’d never have imagined deliveries could be so exciting.

Renault Megane RS: If you like the idea of the aforementioned Type R but with some French Flair, this Renault is for you.

Chevrolet Ute: Obviously it’s the Camaro that makes a perfect successor to the El Camino and the Holden-based Lumina SS.

Dodge Charger: This one is a bit of a Frankenstein creation that has the face of a Charger and the low-slung proportions of a Challenger coupe. 

Ferrari Portofino pick-up: Here we take the two-door bakkie concept to the extreme.

Rolls Royce Wraith: If Rolls Royce can be impolite enough to build an SUV, then there’s really no reason they can’t build a bakkie too, and the Wraith makes a pretty interesting donor car.

Tesla Roadster: Because we can’t ignore the electric age, and surely this roadster Ute is a more enticing prospect than the Cybertruck?

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