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Fake racist Chicken Licken ad in bad taste

Fake Chicken Licken ad. Picture Facebook

A racist Chicken Licken advert suggesting that Coloured people have no teeth has left people with a bad taste in their mouth.

The advert, which was first shared from a fake Facebook account on Wednesday shows a picture of four pieces of boneless chicken and a portion of chips in a plate with the words “No bones. No problem.”

The caption above the photo reads: “Coloureds this is for you because you don’t have teeth to chew Bones…Just monyamonya and swallow…#Rockmysoul”.

The ad quickly went viral but it was a hard one for people to swallow who labelled the fast food outlet as racist.

Brownskinned Malford Mampuru said: “I am not colored but I find this offensive.” (sic)

Faye Pramraj wrote: “Chicken Licken..your sense of humour is as salty as your chicken. Leave the jokes to Nandos because this attempt at humour is an epic fail.”

Some people even threatened to stop eating from the restaurant.

Brittany Vezasie said: “This is very offensive Chicken Licken as for me and my family we will never support u again.” (sic)

Tarran Rogene Boggenpoel King said the post should be reported as it is offensive. “This should be reported. Like every other racist adverts. Not so long ago Clicks was in hot water about hair products. Totally unacceptable. Sies.”

But others were quick to spot that the page is in fact fake.

Siphumelele Shange said: “Even a blind person can see this is a fake page.”

Happysoul Zikhali also wrote: “I don’t think this is chicken licken. Look at the email address. It can’t be Gmail.”

Following the backlash, a second post was shared with a caption: “We very Thorry coloured people…and we love you Guys..it won’t happen again…please don’t Muur us..” (sic).

Chicken Licken has since confirmed that the account is fake and it has been reported.

Spokesperson, Nokuzola Plaatjie says: “We have been made aware of the fake Facebook account known to post derogatory and discriminatory content using our logo and brand identity.

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