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Ed Sheeran claims his pop peers want him to fail


Ed Sheeran has claimed his pop peers actively want him to fail and only Sir Elton John, Dave, and Stormzy congratulated him on the success of his new album.

The ‘Bad Habits’ singer feels “accepted” by Black musicians in the UK and revealed only Stormzy, Dave, and his long-time friend and mentor Sir Elton John contacted him with messages of congratulations after his latest album ‘=’ made it to number one because he thinks many other artists “actively want [him] to fail”.

He said: “In terms of people that actually root for me and want me to win . . . I know so many artists who, whenever I win, scoff, and actually actively want me to fail.

“But they would never tell me, I just know. I hang around with people and I hear things.”

Of the Black community of musicians in the UK, he added: “I feel accepted. It’s the only music community that roots for me.

“I feel like my own section, that I’m meant to be part of, don’t like me and don’t rate my music.

“It’s quite telling that Dave and Stormzy are both emailing me saying they like my album but none of my pop peers are.”

The 30-year-old star admitted Stormzy is a “brother” to him and he’ll never take for granted any of his genuine friendships in the music world.

Speaking on the ‘Halfcast’ podcast, he said: “Stormzy is the most good-hearted successful person I know that genuinely is overjoyed for my success.

“It’s him, the producer Fraser T Smith, Dave and Elton John who all sent emails this week, in depth, about the album, what they liked about the songs. Dave rang me.

“I can’t take that for granted, because I don’t have many friends who are famous musicians. I have lots of acquaintances and lots of people who I hang out with, but I would class Stormzy as a brother.”

Despite the huge commercial success of his latest album, the ‘Shape of You’ hitmaker – who has 15-month-old daughter Lyra with wife Cherry – knew it wouldn’t be a hit with critics long before it was released.

He said: “It gets savaged in the press because everyone has already made up their mind. Music critics f***ing hate me.

“When my albums come out it is basically the Olympics of insults that they can throw. Like who can do the best put-down.”

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