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Disgusting! ‘My girlfriend keeps her dirty socks under her pillow’


A guy has been left shocked and disgusted after finding out that his girlfriend keeps her dirty socks under her pillow.

Pair of striped socks on the floor.
Woman keeps her dirty socks under her pillow. Picture: Matt Tipler unsplash

YOU never really know someone until you live with them.

All their strange habits come to light and while some might be cute and quirky, others can be nasty.

Unfortunately, this Reddit user is experiencing the latter with his girlfriend.

No, she’s not one of those ladies who leaves her hair all over the shower nor is she one of those who only baths once a week! However, her boyfriend is finding one of her habits to be unhygienic.

In fact, he’s admitted to being disgusted by it!

He took to Reddit’s Am I The A**hole group to find out if he’s an a**hole for confronting her about it.

What is she doing that’s so bad, you might be wondering?

While the boyfriend says that “her hygiene is okay”, he recently make a shocking discovery.

“I am living with my GF (girlfriend) in one apartment for about half a year. Her hygiene is OK, but I was shocked to find out that she keeps her ‘apartment only’ socks (in which she both sleeps and goes around the house) under the pillow. She doesn’t throw them into the laundry but instead puts them under the pillow,” shares the disturbed boyfriend.

“I am sleeping on that pillow as well from time to time and was none the wiser. I found out by waking up and seeing my gf preparing for the day, switching from pyjamas to usual clothing, and putting socks under the pillow. I was shocked and weirded out, and told her that this is wild, what she is doing. This is neither sanitary nor following basic hygiene logic,” he continues.

“Anyway, we didn’t have much of a fight, she was p***ed, I was p***ed and we left for our jobs. I was p***ed coz she didn’t tell me, and I was sleeping on a bag of bacteria that her feet scooped from the floor. She is p***ed that I was angry at her and that I gave unsolicited advice. To say that I wasn’t rude would be to lie, but I think I am justified and I didn’t tell her anything too rude. The rudest was me telling her that this is disgusting and wild,” he concludes.

Reddit users voted him NTA (not the a**hole) with one user commenting: “NTA in the least. That’s disgusting, no clean person does that and no one wants to sleep on a funky sock pillow. You did the right thing.”

Another commented: “I can’t think of a single situation where parents would direct a child to put used, dirty socks underneath a pillow you sleep on. There’s zero logic that could make that, make sense. You’re NTA and your gf needs a lesson on personal hygiene and shared spaces.”

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