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Celebrity make-up artist found with gunshot wound to the head ‘sometimes feared for life’ as police investigate inquest


Police are investigating an inquest after celebrity make-up artist Maja Janeska died from a gunshot wound. She was found dead in Bassonia Estate in Johannesburg.

Celebrity make up artist Maja Janeska. Picture: Instagram

CELEBRITY make-up artist Maja Janeska, who died from a gunshot wound to the head, had occasionally feared for life.

Janeska, 39, was found dead on Friday, December 2, in Bassonia Estate in Johannesburg.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Mavela Masondo said a case of inquest had been opened following Janeska’s death.

“Police received a call about a person who allegedly killed herself in Bassonia Estate. Upon arrival at the address given, police found a woman in the bedroom with a gunshot wound on the head. There was a firearm next to her. The woman was certified dead by the paramedics.

Janeska had been dating cigarette tycoon Kyle Phillips, and according to News24, they learnt from impeccable sources that it was Phillips who found her body.

They further reported that Phillips’s ex-wife Tracy said he was devastated by the tragedy.

Janeska’s sister told News24 that they were in absolute shock.

The family, who are in Europe, cannot come to South Africa because of visa issues, News24 reported.

The sister told News24 that they learnt of Janeska’s death from Phillips’ former associates.

She told News24 that even though they were told the death could be suicide-related, her sister sometimes feared for her life.

“Her boyfriend had men working for him, and she feared them also,” the sister told News24.

News24 spoke to Elon Jantjie’s wife, Iva Ristic, who said that Janeska wasn’t suicidal.

“She was not that kind of person,” said Ristic.

Ristic paid tribute to Janeska on her Instagram with a touching post.

She wrote: ‘Fly high my dearest friend, I have no words just anxiety and sadness. Can’t believe you are gone, just like that. Your beautiful face and our funny jokes is something I will forever miss. See you on the other side.’

With over 1,2 million followers on Instagram five days ago, Janeska posted a picture of herself with the quote: Each time a woman stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women -M.A.

Phillips – who is the co-director of Adriano Mazzotti’s cigarette company Carnilinx – helped EFF leader Julius Malema pay his R1 million tax bill to Sars in 2015, according to Sunday Times.


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