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Britney Spears’ ex-husband set for trial over stalking charge


The ’Toxic’ hitmaker’s ex, Jason Alexander, has pleaded not guilty on all the charges.

Britney Spears

BRITNEY Spears’s ex-husband is set for trial after allegedly breaking into her home before her wedding to Sam Asghari.

The “Toxic” hitmaker’s ex, Jason Alexander, has been charged with felony stalking, as well as trespassing and refusing to leave private property, vandalism and battery. He he has pleaded not guilty on all the charges.

Ventura County Judge David R Worley ruled in a preliminary hearing that there was enough evidence against him on the felony stalking charge to hold him and take the charges to trial.

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His bail has been set at $100 000 (about R1.6 million), and he is set to appear in court again on July 12.

Alexander, whom Spears married in Las Vegas in 2004 for just 55 hours before they had their union annulled, has been banned from contacting her through any form of communication, including calls, texts and social media.

During the hearing on Monday, security guard Richard Eubeler said Alexander tried to get through her locked bedroom door on her wedding day.

He testified: “He started reaching into his right pocket… I drew my weapon and held it to my chest.”

Eubeler added that Alexander went into the property’s game room and he followed him, shutting the door behind them.

He added: “He was just yelling for Britney. He said, ‘F*** it. I’m going back inside the way I came.’ “

He claimed Alexander broke a handle to a door Eubeler was holding shut with his foot.

Judge Worley said: “It’s been established that he appears to be a continuing threat, given the efforts he went through to insert himself into this event.”

Spears was previously granted a protective order against her ex-husband, which has been extended to June 13, 2025.

The star’s attorney, Mathew Rosengart, confirmed an Emergency Protective Order, which typically lasts seven to 10 days, had been put in place.

He told Billboard: “I thank the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office for their good work. This was an outrageous and disgraceful security breach and I hope law enforcement does everything possible to ensure Mr Alexander is fully and vigorously prosecuted and convicted for his criminal actions.”

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