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5 simple everyday habits to help you lose belly fat


There are ways to melt belly fat without taking drastic measures.

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BELLY fat can be challenging to reduce or control while striving to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

To melt the fat, people usually go on restrictive diets.

But, there are other ways where you can achieve the same result without taking drastic measures.

Below are five simple habits to integrate into your daily lifestyle:

Start your day with a glass of water

Water does not burn calories but it ensures that your metabolism functions smoothly.

Drink plenty of water throughout the day.

Experts also advise that it’s important to start your day hydrated because your body might easily confuse thirst with hunger.

Let’s get to the core

It’s a good idea to do a few core exercises before breakfast. Burpees, Russian twists and sit-ups are examples.

YouTube is your friend if you’re unsure about any of these.

You could also incorporate a full-body workout – see our recent article on “5 exercises you can combine to get a full-body workout”.

Don’t skip the most important meal of the day

Have a nutritious breakfast. Include foods high in fibre and protein in your diet.

These include eggs, tuna, almonds, chicken breasts, quinoa, oats and more.

Foods high in protein and fibre will help keep you energised and fuller for longer.

Drink a cup of green tea

Green tea contains catechin. Catechin is a fat-burning antioxidant that can assist weight loss, according to a study published on PubMed.gov.

Perhaps having a cup or two per day will not be a bad idea.

Eat the rainbow

Every day, eat a variety of foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

Add nutritious grains like quinoa and brown rice to your diet to help your gut health as well. Also, avoid foods with added sugar.