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5 great ideas to help spruce up your 2023 travel bucket


The festive season might have come to an end but there are still plenty of places to see.

South African cities such as Joburg have a lot to offer the modern traveller. Picture: Unsplash

SOUTH Africa is unlike any other travel destination as there is plenty to see for the novice or experienced traveller.

Hidden gems are constantly popping up on the radar inspiring young and old to continue exploring our beautiful country.

From sho’t lefts to luxury stays, we have it all. You can explore the rugged terrains in mountainous Venda district or the silky-smooth Kalahari Desert landscapes in the Northern Cape for 4×4 enthusiasts, its up to you.

It’s 2023 and with this comes new travel goals and aspirations. If travel has been on your horizon and you just don’t know where to start, here are some great ideas to consider adding to your travel bucket list.

Backpacking is a smart option

Backpacking is a great option to explore when considering budget travel. Picture: Supplied

Backpacking is great way to experience multiple destinations in one go. Head of Marketing and Communications at online booking platform Jurni, Tshepo Matlou believes that backpacking is when you travel carrying your belongings for the whole trip in a backpack, while sleeping at a hostel type of setting and exploring different activities in the surrounding area.

In South Africa, hostels are called backpackers. Most of these backpacker hostels have campsites, as well as dorm rooms and private rooms to cater to every budget. In particular, Cape Town has some of the best hostels in South Africa.

Staycations in the city offer an immersive cultural experience

Explore contemporary art in Johannesburg’s many art galleries. Picture: Supplied

One of the key factors to consider when booking your accommodation is location and how easy is it to explore the city you’re in.

Hoteliers from the Radisson Hotel Group South Africa reveal that you could experience the best that South Africa’s cities have to offer in just one block.

Although Joburg is considered a city for hustlers, there are plenty of things to do while staycationing in the city. Consider Joburg’s artbeat, better known as Rosebank, which is undeniably the biggest art district in the region.

The neighbourhood has the highest concentration of major art galleries all centred within walking distance of each other, and plenty of public art to enjoy too.

In Rosebank, art is not only found in galleries but is breathed into the architecture of most luxury hotels. Radisson RED Rosebank, located just 10 kilometres from the hustle and bustle of exciting Johannesburg, is filled with bold designs and locally-inspired African decor.

The hotel is also in close proximity to trendy eateries, corporate headquarters and Rosebank’s 3 shopping centres, allowing our visitors to switch effortlessly between business and pleasure.

Safaris are suitable for every season

Immerse yourself the nature and watch the African sun setting. Picture: Supplied

The beach has often been a destination of choice for families during summer, but destinations such as the Kruger National Park are starting to see their fair share of bookings for all seasons.

Not only that, but the stays are switching from short stays to longer, more leisurely ones. Safari holidays are both relaxing and instructive also offering luxury with days punctuated by early morning and dusk game drives, each of which offers a completely different perspective of the bush.

Whether its a safari drive with your morning coffee or sipping sundowners overlooking a dam, a waterhole, or the African savannah transports visitors to somewhere completely outside their everyday lives.

Venture outside of South Africa

Get your passport stamped by exploring South Africa’s neighbours. Picture: Supplied

As South Africans, we often think of international travel as going to Europe, Asia or America. We overlook our own stunning continent for things to do and places to see.

There are amazing places to explore throughout Africa which are just a road trip away. For example, Namibia is a 15 hour drive from Cape Town which is relatively easy to do if you split it up.

Mozambique is an even shorter drive if you consider Johannesburg to Maputo, at six hours, while the drive from the City of Gold to Botswana takes around five hours.

Be smart with your flight choices

Travelling by air doesn’t have to be expensive with tools that can help you book flights in advance and compare prices. Picture: Supplied

If you’re flying, there are some great tools available to help you find the best-priced flights to get you to that bucket-list destination. Cheapflights.co.za compares flight prices so you can choose the one that suits your timing and budget.

A great tip to keep in your back pocket is that the day and time you fly can also affect the price.

For example, flying on a Monday tends to give you the cheapest flight prices of the week, whereas a Sunday flight is the most expensive. And flying very early or late in the day can give you better prices.

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