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WATCH : Trevor Noah’s take on racist Momberg ruling


Trevor shares his thoughts on the racial incident.

Trevor Noah. Picture: Reuters

Durban – South African comedian, Trevor Noah, has shared his views on the Vicky Momberg racial incident and Momberg’s subsequent sentencing. He made the remarks during behind the scenes footage on the Daily Show, which he presents.



In the video clip, which has since gone viral, Noah explains how Momberg refused assistance from Black police officers after her car was damaged during a smash-and-grab incident in 2016. A clip of the incident made headlines after Momberg, an estate agent, swore at the police officers. She used the controversial K-word 48 times. 

Momberg was arrested on four counts of crimen injuria and sentenced to two years imprisonment. However, she has appealed the sentence. She appeared in the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Wednesday. However, the matter was postponed for a later date as Momberg’s legal representation was not present. 
Noah notes how Momberg’s sentence caused outrage in the community. 
Noah, took over the Daily Show on Comedy Central in September 2015.
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