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Venda pots will be the ‘showstoppers’

A collection of large Venda pots, by Perseverence Ramatshekisa, a well-known Venda potter, and Rebecca Mathibe from Mukondeni (near Elim in Northern Limpopo) is the showstopper at the exhibition. Pictures: Soraya Crowie

KIMBERLEY art lovers are in “for a special treat” with the William Humphreys Art Gallery’s (Whag) annual David Walters and Friends Ceramics Exhibition, entitled “Art in Clay”, which opened this week.

Now running for its 15th year, the David Walters ceramics exhibition has become one of the highlights on the Whag’s calendar and will this year feature works by established South African ceramic artists, including Ann Marais, Ardmore, Perseverance Ramatsekisa, Sarah Walters and co-ordinator, Franschhoek-based potter David Walters.

According to the exhibition’s curator, Kirsten Hartley, the 2017 exhibition will combine sculptural and household ceramic works juxtaposed against a collection of vibrantly coloured Basotho blankets, currently on exhibition.


Highlights from the exhibition include a collection of porcelain vases featuring pastel marbling swirls, by David Walters, a collection of “unusual, fantasy-inspired, reptilian-like” sculptural pieces by Ardmore, and even a Kimberley-inspired work by Sarah Walters entitled “Kimberley Cat” featuring several landmarks of the City.

The audience can also experience Bloemfontein-based artist Dina Grobler’s collection of teapots entitled “Driftwood Between Cultures”.

Another “must-see” piece includes an intricately detailed sculptural work by Nieu-Bethesda-based artist Charmaine Haines, entitled “Owl”.

However, Hartley said yesterday that the showstoppers of the exhibition would be a collection of large Venda pots, by Perseverance Ramatsekisa, a well-known Venda potter from Mukondeni (near Elim in Northern Limpopo), as well as Rebecca Mathibe.

“By featuring this collection of exquisite Venda pots, we want to highlight the contribution these women make to ceramic art by giving them a gallery space/platform to showcase their craft,” Hartley said.

Members of the public are invited to attend the exhibition which ends on August 4 at the WHAG. All pieces are for sale.