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The Z is not dead: Nissan teases all-new sports coupé


Nissan might be downsizing, but it hasn't forgotten to give the world an enticing new sports coupé.

YOKOHAMA, Japan – It hasn’t been the best day for Nissan, with protests erupting in Spain after it announced a plant closure as part of a new cost-cutting plan that will also see the Japanese brand’s model range slashed by a fifth.

But in what appears to be a good PR move on Nissan’s part, the company also released a new video on YouTube, teasing the hotly-anticipated 370Z replacement. 

The Nissan model range might be shrinking, but least Nissan is still committed to giving the world an enticing sports coupé.

Nissan isn’t revealing any more information about its new Z car, which will likely be badged Z400, but rumour has it that the car will be powered by a 3-litre twin-turbo V6 engine with around 300kW on tap. 

The styling, as we see in the teaser video below, is a mixture of modern and retro, with some inspiration taken from its 240Z ancestor.

The new Z car is one of 12 new products that Nissan plans to release internationally in the next 18 months.

Also included in Nissan’s future plan is reducing production capacity by 20 percent and achieving a plant utilisation rate of over 80 percent.

In addition to closing factories in Spain and Indonesia, the company also plans to consolidate its North American production around core models and share more resources, including production, models and technologies, with its alliance partners Renault and Mitsubishi.

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