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The Bob Dylan Tribute Show


‘Bringing it all back home

The first night of the Tribute to Bob Dylan concluded with a standing ovation and comments from the audience that have placed this show on par with any international show. Dexan and the band quite simply wowed the Kimberley audience.

Even if you have no idea who Bob Dylan is, this is a show not to be missed. It is fantastic. Its emotional, inspiring, educational, and downright fun.

We caught up with Dexan to get more information about the artist and the show.

What was your inspiration for this tribute show ?

I started playing music while I was at Kimberley Boys’ High. One of the first songwriters I encountered was Bob Dylan.

In fact, ”Blowing in the Wind” I started playing on guitar when I was in matric. In 1982 I left Kimberley and my music career took many different turns. I performed with many different bands playing different Genres. I also did a lot of stage work.

In the latter part of the 2000s I found that I got wrapped up in digital back track performance doing covers of songs, which frankly every Tom, Dick and Harry was doing. In 2010 I completely stopped all performances for about four years.

I started playing again in Houston in Texas in 2014, where I did a few guest appearances for bands. I seemed to have settled then into a country-rock genre and I felt comfortable.

In 2016 I briefly returned to Kimberley briefly and in April this year I returned for good after marrying a Kimberley lady.

I had wanted to do a tribute to Bob Dylan for years and now it just felt right. As Dylan says, it was like “bringing it all back home”

Why William Humphreys Art Gallery as a venue?

Most people in this country don’t really know who Bob Dylan is. That is sad. In places like Australia, New Zealand, Japan and India, this man is huge and his artistic package is appreciated. I wanted to introduce the audience to the complete Bob Dylan as an artist which included his song writing, poetry, visual art and literature. I also wanted a small and intimate venue.

This is an informative and intimate show and I wanted the possibility to interact with the audience.

As soon as I walked into Anne Pretorius’ office at William Humphreys, she was on board, and the support from Anne and the staff has been incredible.

William Humphreys just seemed the perfect venue to unwrap this product. William Humphreys is a very special venue.

Why is this show different?

It tells the Bob Dylan story. It’s not simply a band doing Bob Dylan songs. We walk the audience down the road of Bob Dylan’s life. We have loads of visual displays, videos and valuable information on big screens all around the stage.  

Some of the footage is disturbing and ignites emotion in many different ways.

We have a clip in the show which explains Dylan’s visual art. Most people do not know that Bob Dylan is an internationally recognised artist with many exhibitions being held in Art Galleries around the world.

So we tell the WHOLE Bob Dylan story.

In a previous article you wrote that the show is emotional. The audience will cry, and dance in their seats like teenagers. That is exactly what happened, and that was very rewarding because the audience experienced Dylan, and that was wonderful.

Where to now?

We have had incredible response to the first show, and I can only thank the Kimberley public for the support they have given us. The next two shows take place on October 4 and 5 at William Humphreys, and we have spruced up the show a bit more, so the next two shows are slightly different from the first.

From here we plan to take the show on the road to Johannesburg and Cape Town. This will be during the early part of next year. Unfortunately, though it will be moving to bigger stages, I think the intimacy that the current show gives, will be lost somewhat.

For anybody who would like to see the show they can book tickets online at www.quicket/events, or call 076 581 6181 / 071 421 0116.

We look forward to welcoming the Kimberley audience to experience the life and times of Bob Dylan at William Humphreys.