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Locals for Brenda Fassie movie


Casting for Brenda Fassie will be facilitated by a national open casting process

Twitter is buzzing over who should play SA music icon Brenda Fassie in a biopic set for release later this year. File image

THE cast for an upcoming film about Brenda Fassie will be entirely South African.

This was announced yesterday by London based film and television production company Showbizbee, that will be bringing the film to life.

Titled Brenda: The True Story, the production team will partner with the Brenda Fassie Estate and Legaci Nova to see the movie through.

“Casting for Brenda Fassie will be facilitated by a national open casting process. Showbizbee will be announcing shortly on how to apply.

“This role will be open for auditions across South Africa. This initiative, essentially, will give the opportunity for any female across the country to apply for this challenging
and honourable role for the movie,” company representatives said.

Showbizbee said it acquired the rights to film the story that will be written and directed by Edward W Shaw with a script based on a story by Fassie’s son, Bongani.

The movie will be a comedy-drama that follows a young Brenda Fassie who is determined to become a singer.

“It follows her journey from Langa, Cape Town, to Soweto up until her rise to stardom and becoming an iconic

“British director and producer Edward W Shaw is fond of Ms Fassie’s music. He is also attracted to her courageous mindset and her love of life. He will bring the real story of Brenda to the silver screen working very closely with Bongani Fassie.

“Brenda will be an epic roller-coaster movie which
will surprise the audience,” said Showbizbee’s Pamela Naidoo.

Bongani said he was excited to be part of the process.

“I am particularly eager to participate in the production so that the real story of my mom comes alive to the people of South Africa and the world.’’

Legaci Nova said it was ecstatic that the iconic brand of Brenda Fassie was being celebrated.

The movie will be filmed in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Production will begin next month and the movie is set for release this year.