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‘Generations: The Legacy’ gets a slap on the wrist for ‘sex scenes’


BCCSA rules that the popular soapie's 'suggestive' storyline did not breach their code of conduct.

Smanga on one of the steamy episodes of Generation the Legacy. Picture: Twitter

‘Generations: The Legacy’ will face no further backlash for the ‘suggestive’ foreplay scenes aired during primetime last month

The popular soapie made headlines late July, following a ‘raunchy’ bedroom scene that led to public outcry, resulting in the channel temporarily cancelling its weekly omnibus.

The Broadcasting Complaints Commission of South Africa (BCCSA) said they received approximately 160 complaints — many of which requested that the soapie be moved to a later time slot, come with an adult age restriction or be removed from SABC1 completely.

Recently, the BCCSA ruled that the popular soapie was not guilty of breaching the broadcast code of the conduct when they aired the ‘suggestive’ sex scenes during primetime.

The BCCSA said the SABC “has not breached any of the provisions of the code of conduct” and advised that going forward the broadcaster will be liable to  place an additional audience advisory whenever “ultra-suggestive sex scenes” will be shown.

The disclaimer should read: “Today’s episode may contain some scenes which involve suggestive sex. Viewer discretion is advised”.

SABC spokesperson Kaizer Kganyago said that they made the show’s producers aware of the ruling, and added that important lessons had been learnt from the incident.

“As much as we followed proper protocol and were not guilty, we have learnt to be more cautious and will take our viewers’ feedback seriously. We cannot take chances,” Kaizer said.