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Eight important keyboard shortcuts everyone should know


Swiftly navigate your way around your computer with these handy keyboard shortcuts that will save you on time.

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Swiftly navigate your way around your computer with these amazing keyboard shortcuts that will save you on time.

EIght keyboard shortcuts everyone should know:


Simple, easy and necessary, knowing how to get to the help page of your browser is very important. If you have an issue you would like to get resolved this is the pace to do it.


For when you want to quickly close the tap you’re in without having to drag your mouse over to the tiny X in the corner of your tab. This action will move you to your next active open tab.


Swiftly open a new tab by following these steps. With that step out the way you can move on to the search bar and get onto your preferred website with ease.


Ever accidentally closed a tab you were using and don’t remember the name of the website? Instead of scrolling through your history through hours of searches, use the above shortcut. Doing the action multiple times will reopen all the tabs you closed since you opened your browser.


Working from multiple tabs? Perhaps you have Exel open  in one, Docs in another and your emails in the next. Whatever the case is, if you’re constantly hopping from tab to tab this is the trick for you. Alt + TAB will help you easily move you from tab to tab without disturbing your productivity by moving your cursor, just click and go.


You could just hold down backspace and erase your mistake letter by letter, but that’s not as efficient as erasing the entire word in one go (no is highlighting the word and the backspacing). Instead try this quicker method. To erase multiple words or paragraphs hold down both keys at once. 


Possibly one of the most important shortcuts to know, CTRL + F will open up a search bar in the top right corner of our screen. From there you can search for a keyword, your entered word will become highlighted wherever it appears on that webpage. This is perfect for when you want to skim articles or academic readings quickly and will save you having to scour over every word to find what you’re looking for. 


If you’ve ever been unfortunate enough to have a lot of unsaved work, knowing this trick will be a complete lifesaver in future. Although many programmes today have auto-recovery, they’re not always super reliable. By simply typing in CTRL + S during your work sessions, whenever you remember, you could be saving yourself from having to redo your work.