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Die Antwoord’s Ninja accused of sexual assault


The Zef rapper has been accused of sexual assault, trafficking and revenge porn, by Australian singer Zheani Sparkes.

Zheani Sparkes. Picture: Facebook

Australian singer Zheani Sparkes has filed a police report against Die Antwoord’s Ninja (Watkin Tudor Jones). 

According to The Sydney Morning Herald, the 26-year-old is leading accusations of sexual and indecent assault, and accused Jones of rape that allegedly took place in 2013.

Sparkes filed the police report in Queensland, alleging that she was a victim of revenge porn and sexual assault. Her allegations comes hot on the heels of the Zef band having to deal with the controversy of footage emerging of them involved in an alleged homophobic attack and racist remarks, prompting festival organisers to distance themselves from the rap group. 

Their long-term managed Jay Savage has also spoken out about the group’s conduct. Savage, the former head of Sony ATV publishing in SA, had known Jones since 1995 when that behaviour first surfaced.

“He was always extremely dishonest and would lie to your face but he hadn’t yet developed the kind of malice and callousness that came later,” Savage told the Brisbane Times.

Another musician in Italy has now come forward in the wake of Sparkes’s allegations, also accusing Jones of indecent assault at a concert in 2014. Jones denies both allegations.

Sparkes also alleged that Jones groomed her before “trafficking” her to South Africa. There has also been claims of ritualistic torture and intimidation, according to Music Feeds.

She then went on to detail how Jones’s bandmate Yolandi Visser made contact with her in 2013 via Instagram. Then she recalled inappropriate behaviour after he allegedly sent her unsolicited nudes.

She said phone conversations become more personal and regular before Jones allegedly started making more romantic moves towards her.

Things came to a head when she was in Africa visiting Jones. This was when the alleged rape took place. 

Jones’ publicist has released a statement denying Sparkes’ allegations against him.