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City band makes waves in the UK


GAGE will now embark on a three-week tour which will feature 13 performances at venues across the UK next month.

GAGE. Picture: Supplied

KIMBERLEY-BASED rock band, GAGE, is set to take the United Kingdom (UK) by storm with their 2018 UK “Rock and Ride” tour, that will include performances at music festivals in Cardiff, Maryport and Glasgow.

Following two “hugely successful” tours of the UK during 2016 and 2017, GAGE will now embark on a three-week tour which will feature 13 performances at venues across the UK next month.

GAGE is fronted by Jason Horseman on lead vocals and drums, with Llewellyn Burger on lead guitar and backing vocals. They will be joined by Manchester local Cameron Anderson on bass guitar during the tour.

Horseman yesterday said that GAGE was “extremely excited” about the 2018 tour, adding that the band had secured a headline spot at the Drunken Monkey Festival in Worcestershire, following a hugely popular performance at last year’s event.

“Our performance attracted a lot of interest, even drawing fans away from main stage performances. As a result of this Drunken Monkey Festival organisers approached us to appear as a headline act during the 2018 festival,” Horseman said.

Horseman added that the band was “really starting to reap the fruits of their hard work and dedication.”

Currently the band is not signed to a record label and believe in “making their own way”.

He said that the band had gained massive popularity in the UK in recent years, gaining extended radio play and a growing fan base, while their single “Satellite” reached number one on radio charts in Australia.

“People in the UK are very susceptible to hard rock and specifically our signature sound. There is definitely a hunger for original hard rock music,” Horseman explained.

GAGE’s third album, “For the Fans” like the previous two, “Empty Spaces” and “Break the Silence” features all original songs.

“For the Fans, as the title suggests, was made for the fans and not specifically for radio play. It is a return to our roots album, featuring hard rock songs in our signature style. We decided to stick with our winning formula of living out our passion and doing what we do best – making rock music,” Horseman concluded.

Tour dates for the GAGE 2018 “Rock and Ride” tour are as follows:

July 20 – John Peel Theatre– Wigton

July 21 – Aspatria Festival– Aspatria

July 21 – Netherthall Old Boys Bar – Maryport

July 22 – The Cross Inn – Monmouthshire

July 25 – The Globe – Andover

July 26 – The White Swan – Trowbridge

July 27 – Welsh Music Festival – Cardiff

July 27 – McCanns Rock ‘* Ale Pub – Newport

July 28 – Maryport Blues Festival – Maryport

July 28 – Fletcher Christian Pub – Cockermouth

July 29 – Mugstock Festival – Glasgow

August 3 – Applecross Community Centre – Applecross

August 4 – Drunken Monkey Rock Festival –Worcestershire

– Norma Wildenboer