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#BlackPanther: A beacon of hope


New role models to look up to.

Princess Shuri played by Letitia Wright. Picture: Instagram

The cast of Black Panther included characters that did not just make the movie a success, but they also created a new sense of hope among their fans. 

King T’Challa, Eric Killmonger, W’Kabi and M’baku became the male role models for young black children across the world, who wished to dress as superheroes and villains of their own colour.
For black women and young girls, their heroes came in the form of Nakia the warrior, Okoye the guardian and Princess Shuri, the brave genius.
Twitter and Instagram have lit up with the discovery of Princess Shuri of Wakanda becoming the latest Disney princess in the Disney enterprise. 
Played by British actress Letitia Wright, Princess Shuri became a titular character in the film as T’Challa’s intelligent younger sister, and the brains behind the Black Panther suit. 
Without being formally acknowledged by the Disney corporation, since the Marvel franchise is owned by Disney, fans of the Black Panther film were thrilled at the inclusion of another black princess following the arrival of Princess Tiana from the Princess and The Frog film in 2009. 

Princess Shuri brings forth the positivity around being a smart, strong black women, who does not need a man to save her but will fight for what and who she believes in. Her courage, intelligence and smart mouth is what makes her extremely popular with many black girls apart from her strength to fight alongside warriors Nakia and Okoye.


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Welcome Princess Shuri, it was worth the wait.