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Award winning comedian includes city in her first official SA tour


Tumi Or Not Tumi will leave a piece of herself in the Diamond City

Tumi Morake. File image

RENOWNED South African comedian, Tumi Morake is making a pit-stop in Kimberley on her first official South African tour – Tumi Or Not Tumi.

Speaking to the DFA’s Mpho Assegaai today, Morake said it was important that fans in smaller towns were also able to enjoy her show.

“I felt like it was important to reach out to people who don’t get to see and experience Tumi. When I started Tumi or Not Tumi I wanted to focus more on smaller towns. I know I have fans there so I’m looking forward to leaving a piece of me and my work there.”

City residents can look forward to ” a little naughtiness, good laughs and something to think about” when she goes on stage at the Flamingo Casino on August 26. 

“There are people who have heard of Tumi Morake, there are people who have seen Tumi Morake but there are many that don’t actually know Tumi Morake.  They are finally going to meet her,” proclaims Tumi. 

The show follows her journey as she tries to find herself in the schizophrenia of motherhood, wife-hood and South African-hood.

The Queen of SA comedy is no stranger to Kimberley as she has been here previously.

“After 10 years in the industry, it’s crazy that I have never done a South African tour.  Well, the time has finally arrived. The comedy industry in this country has grown so much in terms of offerings and demand. South Africans seem to have an insatiable appetite for it and hopefully I can wet their appetites with this new show,” says Tumi. 

Raw and unapologetic, the show promises to be thought provoking and provide a glimpse of what life could be like if we made a little effort – putting us all, and herself, under the spotlight.

Tumi or Not Tumi is rated PG-16. 

Morake made history in 2016 by being the first female to be crowned Comic of the Year at the 6th annual Savanna Comics’ Choice Awards and 2017 has seen her continue in this success.  

Since the start of her career in 2006, she has steadily grown into one of SA’s most sought after comedians, with numerous nominations and awards under her belt, including receiving the 2016 YOU Spectacular Award for Best Comedian of the Year. 

A formidable force in the industry, some highlights of her career include being the first woman to host Comedy Central Presents on African soil and ticking off a bucket list item – taking her first one-woman show to the famed Edinburgh Festival in Scotland in 2013.

Speaking on her nomination as Favourite Comedian at the Mzansi Choice awards, Morake said she was “excited and confused but very touched.”

Besides being the superstar that she is, Morake has some wise words for aspiring comedians. “Trust what you’re doing, don’t be afraid because the audience can smell fear. Lastly, love what you do.”