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A royal rumble ….


... of burning rubber and exhaust fumes

GETTING INTO GEAR: One of the cars participating in this weekend's event. Picture: Danie van der Lith

The roar of engines and screeching of tyres, accompanied by the smell of burning rubber and exhaust fumes, is likely to have motorsport enthusiasts from far and wide converge on the Galeshewe Open Air Arena tomorrow when Ride2Slide’s Battle of the Provinces Series brings some of central South Africa’s top drivers to Kimberley . . . all of them out to prove their spinning supremacy.

While competitive spinning and drifting events have already proven exceptionally popular among members of the local community, this weekend’s Royal Rumble promises something different with teams from the North West, Free State and Northern Cape pitted against each other with the pride of their respective provinces on the line.

This is according to Wannie “SixTnine”, spokesperson for event the organisers, Ride2Slide, who said that this triangular series was aimed at improving public perceptions of the sport.

“What was once classified as a pastime for hooligans, gangsters and car thieves, has now evolved into a professional competition format in South Africa,” he said. “Spinning has generally been regarded as an illegal activity and has therefore never truly gained the respect from the greater community, government and corporates as an official sport.

“As a proudly South African event, the competition takes place after an opening ceremony, where all three teams will stand united to sing the national anthem.”

Following these formalities, pleasantries will be set aside as drivers take to the arena in an effort to prove their province’s dominance in this spectacular discipline to get their hands on the “Inland Cup”.

With an eye on improving the image and public perception of spinning, along with the assistance of various key players in the industry, SixTnine explained that Ride2Slide had devised a format that would not only get drivers competing, but would also provide the spectators with a spectacular showcase with no shortage of hardcore action, unbelievable driving skills and sportsmanship.

“Basically tomorrow’s event will be car spinning meets WWE,” he added.

The action gets under way at noon when the two visiting teams go head-to-head in the arena in the first of three battles in the round-robin competition.

SixTnine explained that judges would score each run out of 100 with drivers accumulating points by successfully pulling off an array of technical manoeuvres.

“Ride2Slide gave the concept for this competition to the spinning community countrywide and we have already enjoyed an exceptional response.

“Mpumalanga is the only province not participating and similar inter-provincial battles will be taking place across the country in the build-up to the ultimate showdown, which will be happening in Kimberley over the Easter Weekend.”

Team NC’s captain, Chan Obaray, said that his crew would be going all out not to disappoint as he hoped that their additional experience will give them a much-needed edge.

“My team will be bringing their A-game and we will be putting our hearts on the line,” said Obaray. “We are not only competing to be the winners on the day, but also for hometown pride.

“That said, we would be honoured to have the people of the Northern Cape fill the arena and we will be making every effort not to disappoint.”

A royal rumble of burning rubber and exhaust fumes

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A royal rumble of burning rubber and exhaust fumes

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