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Woman swallows Apple AirPod after mistaking it for a painkiller

Picture: Pexels/ olia danilevich

The 27 year old went to swallow what she thought was a painkiller tablet. By the time she realised what she had done, it was too late.

A BOSTON woman has revealed how she accidentally swallowed one of her Apple AirPods after mistaking it for a painkiller.

Carli Bellmer is going viral for a series of TikTok posts in which she claimed she accidentally mistook her Apple AirPod for ibuprofen, and swallowed it whole. She ultimately defecated the AirPod out, which was confirmed with an X-ray — but not before the device blasted a voice memo from inside her stomach.

In her original video, which TikTok has removed for an alleged violation of community guidelines, Bellmer — a podcaster and aesthetician — is hysterically crying soon after the snafu.

“So like, I ate my f****** left AirPod,” a blubbering Bellmer, 27, better known to her 3 200 followers as @IamCarliiib, explained in a video that’s garnered over 2.4 million views.

In follow up videos, she explains that she was crawling into bed when the situation happened.

“I was crawling into bed and I had an ibuprofen 800 in one hand and my f****** AirPod — my left earbud — in the other,” she continued while TikTok’s infamous “Oh No” doomsday track played lightly in the background.

Before she made her iPhone “forget” the device, she tried recording a voice memo on her friend in the message.

But she didn’t realise that the AirPod in her digestive tract was connected, and instead sound was transmitted from inside of her.

She can be heard speaking in the voice memo, but the sound is muffled.

“I had a feeling that I passed it. I did not retrieve it, but I know that it’s passed. I know that it was in my stomach and no longer is,” she says.

She says she is not the only person who has made such a technical error, saying: “I’m not the first to do this and I definitely won’t be the last, so for educational purposes, I wanted to share my journey.”


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