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WATCH: Is this the Karen of airline passengers?


Woman refuses to disembark despite various pleas by flight attendant and other passengers.

Southwest Airlines passenger refuses to leave plane despite various pleas by the flight attendant and other passengers. Picture: Instagram.

Getting off a plane after a flight is one of the best parts of a journey. But not for one Southwest Airlines passenger who refused to leave the plane despite various attempts by the flight attendant and other passengers to persuade her.

In a viral video, which has garnered 4.3 million views on social media, the woman is seen clutching onto her hand luggage, defiant not to move when it’s her turn to leave the plane.

Some on social media have called her a Karen, a pejorative term for women seeming to be entitled. It’s spawned thousands of memes over the past year in the light of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Are you going to get off the aircraft, or are you going to sit there and scream?” someone says in the background.

Another person, clearly annoyed, says she has to pee.

Not budging, the female sits in her seat without a care in the world.

Angered, one passenger walks past her. The defiant woman starts to scream, alluding to the fact that she may have been hurt.

A flight attendant, who lowers her mask, tries to speak to her following the screaming incident, but to no avail.

The woman simply tells her that “You go outta here,” to which the flight attendant responds, “Excuse me, I work here, ma’am.”

At the end of the video, it looks as if the problematic woman leaves her seat.

It is unclear what sparked the passenger’s anger.

IOL recently reported how a couple who tested positive for coronavirus were arrested after they boarded a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Kauai in Hawaii.

The pair, both in their late forties, reportedly travelled with a 4-year-old child.

It is believed that the pair was tested for the virus and told by the quarantine station at the airport to isolate and not to board a plane bound for Kauai. The couple, defying orders, boarded the plane.

The pair were arrested at their destination airport and charged with reckless endangerment.

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