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Travis Scott’s Astroworld disaster has lessons SA festivals can learn from

Attendees stand in close proximity during rap star Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston, Texas, US, November 5, 2021. Picture: [email protected] via REUTERS

The international tragedy at Travis Scott’s Astroworld has become a lesson for organisers to prevent tragic loss.

American rapper Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival turned into a tragedy as eight lives were tragically lost during a crowd surge towards the stage at the Houston held event.

The tragedy, which many say could have been prevented, has many wondering what steps could have been taken by the “Sicko Mode” rapper and the festival organisers.

The international tragedy has turned the spotlight on concerts and the safety measures that are or need to be in place to prevent deaths, even here at home.

In South Africa, it has been over a year, approaching two even, since large gatherings were held due to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.

Prior to President Cyril Ramaphosa implementing the first the lockdown restrictions in March 2020, festivals of a large scale were a norm in SA.

Outdoor gatherings currently permit 2,000 attendees and 750 indoors. With lockdown restrictions being eased more events and day festivals are being held across the country.

Videos of the chaos that erupted at the festival, teach people that artists, while they are on stage should pay attention to what is happening in the crowd. In one video, Travis appears to be looking at the crowd as an unconscious fan is being carried away.

The rapper could have been engulfed in the moment and not seen the festival goer being taken out.

Listening skills are a must at festivals as beyond the loud music, several people are heard in videos screaming for help and for the event to stop but the cries fell on deaf ears.

An artist might not be the immediate solution for help but security and staff should be properly trained to deal with emergencies.

According to reports, staff were rude to fans when they pleaded for help.

Crowd control measures also need to be placed, while a sold out festival is a great thing, maybe 50,000 is too much.

If a large crowd is expected, enough security should be placed at various points inside the event.

It is unfortunate that tragedy struck festival goers, as the intent was to have fun, however this is a learning point for all, that sometimes paying attention goes a long way.

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