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Prince Charles criticises coronavirus vaccine conspiracy theories

Heir to the British throne, Prince Charles Photo: AP

Prince Charles has slammed ’nonsense conspiracy theories’ around the coronavirus vaccine during a visit to a clinic in south London on Tuesday.

PRINCE Charles has slammed “nonsense conspiracy theories” around the coronavirus vaccine.

The 73-year-old royal visited a vaccination clinic in Kennington, south London on Tuesday and as he paid tribute to the 127 vaccinators and 190 volunteers who have been working to administer around 3,000 booster shots a day, he also bemoaned hesitancy around the jabs.

He said: “You are marvellous. What would we do without you?

“It is so frustrating all these nonsense conspiracy theories.”

Charles also chatted to some of those receiving their boosters at the clinic, which is situated in a church.

He told one woman: “I shall try and distract you!”

The Prince of Wales – who revealed last week he had had his booster shot – chatted with Kate Suiter, who trained to be a vaccinator eight months ago.

She said afterwards: “He said thank you for helping and I joked that I had the gift of the jab and he laughed and said ‘I’m going to use that’.”

Following his visit, Charles was praised for giving a “welcome acknowledgement” to the staff at the clinic.

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